Understanding Owners Associations

Stripers Landing Condominium Owners Association:

If you own a condominium, you are a member of both the Condominium Owners Association and the Comprehensive Property Owners AssociationThe Condominium Association Board of Directors is an elected body responsible for any questions or issues related to the condominiums or the immediate surrounding properties.  Condo owners are encouraged to participate in monthly board meetings and to attend an annual meeting of all owners.  Board members are nominated before, and voting takes place at, the annual meeting.

All condominium owners are encouraged to contribute to making life at the Stripers Landing Condominiums safe and enjoyable.  Please direct questions concerning Condo ownership and the surrounding property to the Condominium Owners Association Board by sending an email to [email protected].

Stripers Landing Comprehensive Property Owners Association: 

Anyone who owns a single-family home, parcel of land, or a condominium within the Stripers Landing Community is a member of the Comprehensive Property Owners Association. There is an annual assessment paid by all members. These fees contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of the amenities such as pool, boat ramp, docks, cabana, tennis court, laundry facility, and surrounding properties. The Comprehensive Association Board of Directors handles the management of these elements and shared areas.  For more information visit https://www.striperslandingcommunity.com/